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The world’s leading location data and technology platform

HERE Technologies moves people, businesses and cities forward by harnessing the power of location. 

We empower our customers, partners and developers to achieve better outcomes by leveraging our open platform.

Location moves the world forward

We support you wherever your business takes you – outdoors, indoors, worldwide

  • Most complete location platform
  • Global map and location data, including China, Japan and Korea
  • 200 countries 
  • 30+ years' experience
  • Highly trained location experts

Industry and market challenges we address

Location technology opens up new opportunities in multiple industries and markets.

Location is key to addressing major market challenges across several industries with our solutions.

Examples of our location technology in action

Supply Chain

Throughout the supply chain

With location, now we can get unprecedented visibility of shipments and assets to keep yards, warehouses and goods moving efficiently.

Available solution showcases

  • Track movement of medical equipment from factory to hospital​
  • Yard management and routing​

Fleet Management

On the road

With location, now we can power safer and more efficient delivery from the first to last mile. Location helps plan the best routes, avoid hazards and improve driver performance and safety​

Available solution showcases

  • Guiding inexperienced drivers through tricky conditions
  • Pre-trip planning: Planning routes with dining, fuel, and rest waypoint​
  • Analyzing driver behavior and route adherence

Automated driving

Behind the wheel

With location, now we can make driving a safer and more comfortable experience. Location technology helps carmakers progress towards connected, electrified and automated driving.

Available solution showcases

  • Increasing safety and avoiding hazards
  • ​Location data supporting ADAS
  • Intelligent navigation (EV routing)

Urban mobility

Throughout the city

With location, now we can help make journeys around cities
more efficient and convenient – whether it's a complex last-mile delivery tour or a multi-modal commute.

Available solution showcases

  • Planning complex tours for efficient last-mile delivery
  • Seamless urban mobility – intermodal journeys made easy​

Empowering customers

... with the best location context and information

  • The Reality Index™ is a location graph that derives relationships between people, places
    and things in the physical world
  • Enables customers to better answer complex questions 

... with AI tools to make sense of a world in motion

We are broadening and deepening our use of AI and machine learning: 

  • Evolving our platform into an AI-ready technology stack
  • Creating truly location-aware AI
  • Developing radical new ways of representing the world
  • Powering the location services of the future

Case studiescustomersHERE x ...

Empowering customers

DKV needed

To create new services from 130M data sets they collect every year as part of their digital transformation strategy.

HERE delivered

Location data, services and HERE Marketplace to faciliate data sharing.

DKV gained

New revenue streams from
real-time, location-based services based on traffic,
road and weather data.