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For all questions around the map

All services around maps and geographical orientation belong to the core competences of our Map & Route company. Starting from the well-known city map up to premium maps customized to your own habits and wishes. And we even supply you with specialized maps for sales, transportation logistics, traffic surveys etc.

Our maps are available for all of Europe and are generated fully automatically just in time when being downloaded. Additional layers for your maps with bird aerial pictures, bird views and high-quality POI (Points Of Interest) upgrade your services as our customer. These are especially  the directory media such as yellow pages, local white pages and local pages for which we enhance traffic with our maps and data.


    Standardized interfaces make it easier for our customers to process data. We offer customized GIS solutions to our industrial and Read More

    We supply you with automated maps as well as aerial images with or without labelling. Discover more of our maps Read More

    Our cartographers produce your city map individually customized and adapted to your style and characteristics. Read More
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Routing & Navigation

Whether you need customized solutions or the standardized navigation app for everyone - we offer extensive services

Based on current maps, Map and Route generates traffic information respecting special traffic data (e.g. construction areas, roadblocks, winter services, severe weather warnings etc.). Based on these data we are able to deliver the best possible routing for normal car drivers, dispatchers for pre route planning or the classic truck driver / bus driver himself.

The most important basis for our service is our own navigation software V-Navi, that we constantly refine, enhance and provide for as wells B2C as also B2B applications. Especially our directory customers local white pages and white pages know how to use our services among V-Navi very well

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Data Sourcing & Marketing

Identifying, procurement and enrichment of high-quality data with aerial / regional relevance

High-quality data provide a sound basis for all modern business processes. It does not matter whether these data come from a CMS system, your CRM, sensors, applications or external sources. Map and Route will find and develop fitting interfaces to open and use the content needed. We are able to identify the premium data sources for you and can qualify, and enrich your data in any concept needed by your customers. Our focus are data with aerial / regional relevance that can be processed by geographic information systems (GIS). Examples of current data being handled by Map and Rout are for instance movement data of vehicles with certain specifics, traffic flow information on European highways and many more.

Which type of data do you need? Through our European network we are able to find and check the availability of all data meeting DSGVO law restrictions.


    Analysis of movement profiles on selected areas or tracks and around your facilities. We deliver extensive movement data of cars Read More

    High quality, continuously updated and deeply enriched data for topic portals, sales purposes, market analysis and directories. Read More

    We procure data for construction site information, road closures, current parking space occupancy and many more. Read More
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Partner of logistics

Modern routing and navigation solutions for commercial vehicles

Based on usual map solutions Map and route develops special routing services (pre route planning) as well as navigation solutions for utility vehicles (trucks, transporters, normal traffic cars and long-distance coaches. The fundamental core for our data is moreover our own navigation app V-Navi, special aggregated traffic data (constructions sites, road blocks, traffic density, etc.) as well as all data of inevitable traffic disruptions as well as fuel station locations, fuel prices, resting facilities and their occupancy. The relevance of the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)is based upon the accuracy and refreshing time period of the map and Route logistic solutions.

This knowledge as well as the data available are also used in  some state of the art research projects such as Meteo Value Live

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Your Mailingservice

Individual design and production of your newsletter

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