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With our high-quality traffic data you get a full overview over the traffic situation. Up-to-date traffic jam messages including bypass tips. Your V-Navi will always calculate the best possible route. The traffic density is depicted by the colours red, yellow and green in your map. Germany, yearly subscription, 30 days free trial without obligation to buy. Internet connection is needed.

For a quick start after first download the new version of V-Navi also operates offline / offboard. This way V-Navi can also be installed when you are on the go and it will operate directly with smaller functionality. To obtain full functionality you need to download map data fpr Germany, Austria and Switzerland only one time (300 MB).


- Current traffic situation for Germany (INRIX), Traffic jam warnings with alternative routes and traffic density notification 
- Traffic lane assistent
- Realityview (realistic presentation of turning situations on highways)
- Offboard mode with vector data at first installation
- In the onboard version the map data are on the device
- Quick destination input for address, orientation points, points of interest and favorites
- Updates free of charge
- Calculation and presentation of alternative routes
- presentation of speed limits and speed limit warnings
- Display support for vertical and horizontal format
- Destination display and route overview as fast access
- Optimized map presentation with onboard maps
- Saving and loading of traffic routes
- green turning arrows

Destination input:
- Address input with proposal list
- House number exact geographical coding through online connection
- Search for points of interest (POI)
- Picking a destination via the map
- Entering coordinates, road junctions
- Selection from last destinations or favorites 
- Contacts from address book
- POI or branch office

- Profiles for cars, pedestrians, camper & caravan
- Type of route (fastest, shortest)
- Announcement of street names (text-To-Speech)
- Notification of direction texts (highway traffic road signs)
- Speed dependant zoom and cross zoom
- Block certain routes/roads
- Avoiding of highways, ferry boats and toll roads
- Routing - Administration of intermediate targets, saving and loading of routes

Map presenation and handling:
- Selection of different map layouts
- Different views: 3D, 2D with northern at the top, 2D in driving direction
- Day view, night view, automatic switching
- Routing overview
- Notification of POI or reails stores with direct integration into your routing / navigation
- Direct saving of the current position as a favorite


  • Informative navigation screen

    Informative navigation screen

    Common information is shown at the bottom. Optional information such as gas stations and parking lots nearby the route, which also can be chosen as an alternative destination, is also shown.
  • Customizable display

    Customizable display

    Choose one out of two views (deluxe or premium).
  • Lane assistant

    Lane assistant

    An active lane assistant is available.
  • Day-/ night view

    Day-/ night view

    Switching automatically when needed
  • Current traffic situation (INRIX) for Germany

    Current traffic situation (INRIX) for Germany

    Traffic data will show traffic jams, traffic density and traffic flow in real-time.
  • Displaying speed limits and speed(ing) warnings

    Displaying speed limits and speed(ing) warnings

    Displaying speed limits and speed(ing) warnings
  • Dynamic POI

    Dynamic POI

    Fuel stations, car parks with current prices and reservation, which might be implemented into navigation.
  • Display of diverse Points of interest (optional)

    Display of diverse Points of interest (optional)

    Display the POIs with extra information and respective navigation.
  • Display shops (optional)

    Display shops (optional)

    Display the shops with extra information and respective navigation.
  • Display shops (optional)

    Display shops (optional)

    Display the shops with extra information and respective navigation.
  • Intuitive menu handling

    Intuitive menu handling

    Simple menu handling with capital symbols.
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Safe journey with V-Navi!

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The popular navigation app

With over 1 million satisfied and loyal customers, the app is used almost 10 Million per year and stable good references V-Navi is amongst the most favourite navigation apps in Germany.

Always new features

As an independent provider we always recognize customers’ needs very fast and implement them into the app – not seldom as an innovation! And this always with best quality in data and points of interest (POI).

Easy handling

As all our products, also the V-Navi app is extremely customer-friendly. This is true not only for the menu handling but also for the presentation on display during the trip. A customer has to be able to transfer the direction by intuition.