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Frequently asked questions


Does it cost to navigate by GPS?
Within the first month, using the app is for free. Afterwards, the full versions (as for Germany, Austria, Switzerland; Western Europe; the whole of Europe) will be offered to buy. As an alternative, there is a free, ad-funded version from our associates "Das Telefonbuch" or "Das Örtliche"

How to pay?
Payment for the app is handled by the app store of its respective provider all by themselves.

How much does the map material cost?
Insight into the current prices is shown within the App store and play store respectively.
Update Dec. 2016: Germany/Austria/Switzerland 16,99€ (15,53₤)  / Western Europe 19,99€ (18,28₤) / Europe 29,99€ (27,43₤)

Where to inform about the prices concerning the information about the current traffic situation (INRIX)?
The prices for information about the current traffic situation(INRIX) can be learned at the menu icon “In App Purchase”. INRIX for Android costs 14.99€ (13,70₤) per year; as for Apple: 9,99€ (9,13₤) per year.

How much do the map packages cost individually?
The price depends on the chosen map package. Insight into the current prices is shown within the App Store and Play store respectively.
Update Dec. 2016: Germany/Austria/Switzerland 16,99€ (15,53₤)  / Western Europe 19,99€ (18,28₤) / Europe 29,99€ (27,43₤)

How much does the full app version cost?
The price depends on the chosen map package. Insight into the current prices is shown within the App Store and Play store respectively.
Update Dec. 2016: Germany/Austria/Switzerland 16,99€ (15,53₤)  / Western Europe 19,99€ (18,28₤) / Europe 29,99€ (27,43₤)

Do costs come up after the test run expires?
When purchasing the full version GER. AU.SW. or Europe, there won’t be further costs. As an alternative, there is a free, ad-funded version from our associates.

I bought GER. AU- SW-version and now want to buy Western Europe as well, do I have to pay for the GER.AU.SW-version again?
If you’re using an iOS device, you can upgrade GER.AU.SW into the Western Europe package (so-called “crossupdate”). After that, the only payment will be the remainder of what the western Europe package costs more. Android-user, in this case, have to pay the full price for Western Europe.

I want to buy the INRIX subscription service, but it does not work.
Since it is a question of subscription services, you’ll need a credit card or an account in your App-store. This won’t work through a coupon card or similar means

How to terminate the subscription contract?
The payment and management of subscription will be handled by your respective App-store.Apple: Apple-ID/ABOS/Verwalten
Android: and account/terminate account, unsubscribe

Do the map upgrades bear extra costs?
No, it doesn't. This service is for free. When updates are available, you will be informed about it right after starting the app.


GPS and Internet Connection

Can V-Navi be used without internet access, too?
Having the full version, you won’t need an internet connection to use it. Regarding the ad-funded version from our associates “das Telefonbuch” and “das Örtliche”, an internet connection is necessary, only to enter the destination. When this is done, the navigation app shouldn’t have to connect with the internet 

Why does it sometimes take so long for the navigation process to start?
This mainly depends on the device, which is used for the navigation and it also depends on the windscreen materials (metallized glass for instance) integrated into the car. Some devices might fasten the GPS-calculation, if you start an online connection

Why is it that no GPS-data exists on the screen?
Without any GPS, V-Navi won’t work. This might be because flight mode is on, which can be checked under the menu item “tracking services”. As an alternative, it can be checked in the map-app (or alternatively Google Maps) if a GPS-position is being located by the device at all.

Whilst navigating, it shows usually “bad GPS”. What does it mean?
Navigation will only be initiated, while being within a radius of at most 50 meters(54,68yards), granted the device receives constant GPS-signals

The GPS does not work well, despite the fact that satellite connection is shown on the display. What does this mean?
V-Navi requires at least 4 satellites for a precise calculation of one ‘s position. The mere display of satellite connection is no guaranty for a good GPS-reception.

Why is the GPS data so bad?
In case of you having a metallized windscreen, it may cause strong interferences to the GPS-connection for instance. It might also depend on the GPS-receiver within your device. Apart from that, trees, high buildings or mountains might have a negative effect upon reception. In the end, even phone cases and similar things might decrease the amount of receiving signals.

How to activate the GPS-connection?
You can activate the GPS via the configuration of your device.

How to switch off the GPS after turning it on?
You can deactivate the GPS via the configuration of your device.

Why does the navigation start off in Berlin(Germany)?
If the device doesn’t have any GPS-signal yet, it will always start off in Berlin, at first. When the GPS is switched on, you have to wait until the device recognizes your position.
This might require some time to happen, when it’s the first start.



Error reporting during installation: "wrong package data"
This note usually hints that the system software is too old. An Android-Update to version 4.0 might be of assistance here.

The route is being calculated and then the app crashes every time.
Note: Uninstall the app and, after that, remove the file “maptrip” from the memory card. Following this, the app hast to be reinstalled.

The maps for Western Europe have been purchased but only the maps for GER.AU. SW. are shown.
You have to uninstall either the software or the app. After that, remove the file “maptrip” from the memory card. Following this, the software (app) can be reinstalled.

Why is the amount of data too much, despite much of the memory capacity is being unused?
The internal memory of your device is too small. If you’re using a memory expansion board, you can relocate the map data towards it and thus, unburden the internal memory. Under the menu item configuration – applications – administer/manage applications you can select the option "relocate to SD card". If this still doesn’t work, you can copy the directory {Android\data\\files\maptrip} into the root directory of the SD- card.

Why do I have to repurchase the software after I bought a new cell phone?
No, you don’t need to. If you have the same AppStore-account on your new phone, you can click on configuration in the menu bar, then proceed with clicking the item "In App purchase" and, after that, click on “restore”. Then, the beforehand purchased version should reappear. It won’t count for the case of changing the system software (from Android to Apple for instance). In this case, you need to purchase the app again.

Is there a card profile for caravans?
In the menu bar can be chosen between the profiles of several means of transport for caravans, passenger cars and pedestrians(iOS). With Android, it’s basically the same variety.

Where do I find my purchased version, for the case InApp Purchases do not function?
Your Google Play Store supports the InApp purchases only, when a particular version has been updated to. If you already have the latest version on your device, choose the menu item configuration and click onto “InApp purchases”. There, you will see your before purchased version.

How to enter the coordinates correctly?
You have to enter decimal coordinates.
For example: N 51.27475 O 7.4407

Selection between internal and external memory (Android)
Meanwhile, it has become possible to install the app onto SD cards. During the installation, a window is displayed in which a selection between internal installation and the installation on a SD card can be made.

How to relocate maps from the internal memory to the external memory?
Under the menu item configuration – applications – manage/administrate applications, choose the option “relocate to SD card”. In case it doesn’t work, you can copy the directory {Android\data\\files\maptrip} into the root directory of the SD card.

Why is it that the error message “update failed” comes up during loading of the current update?
Normal mobile radio connections sometimes have problems connecting due to a huge amount of data. A better approach here would be to download updates by the use of a WLAN-connection.

How to change or switch off the audio warning for speeding?
This can be done under the menu item configuration – warning.

Does this warning also work concerning speed limits in cities?
All known speed limits within the data are shown.

What can I do, if the “examining map data”-note appears but nothing is further happen?
To put things right in this situation, uninstall the satnav-app. Upon reinstalling the app from the AppStore (PlayStore), you have to take into account, that you need to restart your device before.


What do the red-marked roads mean?
The red-marked roads are not accessible for (public) traffic.

Which map package has the Canary Islands in it?
The Canary Islands are within the package for Western Europe.

Why does V-Navi not find some locations?
These locations aren’t recorded in the map material or the data bank for addresses respectively. Mistakes can be reported to the map creator. {,44.322329,3,0,0?site=mapreporter}

Why does V-Navi not understand official street names?
While entering locations, the word “street” has to be written as its abbreviation “st./str.”. The same goes for squares (sq.)and places(pl.) etc. The street names are being provided so from our map producer. Unfortunately, we are in no position to solve this problem.[JR1] 

How to report/correct a misspelling in the maps?

Correction is up to the map provider.


As an alternative, you can report mistakes to the support: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Which countries does the package for Western Europe contain?
Germany, Austria, Switzerland (GER.AU.SW), Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Sweden, Spain, UK.

Can I buy single maps for respective countries?
No, you can't. But if you purchase one of the map packages, you have the possibility to install single-country maps.


Where to find the manual?
Below the menu item “FAQs”, a manual for the V-Navi app is in progress. In case of occuring questions you can always count on our support: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My iPhone doesn’t have enough memory capacity, what can I do?
An Apple-phone isn’t able to use a SD-card as an external memory. You have to clear some memory capacity before.

How much memory capacity does the app need?
The first installation of V-Navi requires approx. 75MB. The amount of data spent depends on how often several items such as POIs, favourites and traffic data are used.

How much memory capacity does the map material need?
You can find the data volume from the respective map in the list of installable countries.

What do you have to pay attention for, while using the map abroad?  
To share the location, you have to check, if data-roaming is activated. The leading 5 routes for travelling abroad are for free.

How can I make the display showing my current speed to me?
You can acoustically and visually adjust speeding warnings within the configuration under the menu item “map/warnings”.

How can I make the display showing certain POIs to me?
Within the configuration under the menu item “map/POIs”, you can switch on and switch off the various sorts of POIs.

How to change the sat-nav voice?
V-Navi uses the preinstalled voice. If you change the system voice in your smartphone, V-Navi changes it.

Which kind of limitations does the free version have?
You can only perform 3 routings while being offline, after that, the app needs a singular internet connection. Following this, you’ll have 3 routings for offline mode again.

Can I add my own POIs?
No, this is not possible at the moment. You may however choose favourites as destination.

V-Navi doesn’t announce the street name. What can I do?
If you have put a check mark at “announce street names”, the device uses its interior Text-to-speech engine. Not every devicehas this feature, but it possibly can be installed afterwards.

Are speed cameras available in the app?
Not yet, but we plan to realise it in the near future. 

The device is getting very hot having a high battery usage, while operating(iPhone).
We’re currently work on setting the framerate down, in order to lower both the heating and the battery usage. This will probably be fixed within the upcoming update.

My INRIX-subs. service doesn’t work. What can I do?
In this case, please send your Map and Route Support ID to our support “This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”. This menu item can be found under “configuration - product information” within V-Navi.

Regarding the device “Cynus T1”, V-Navi isn't accessible in its AppStore.
We have deactivated some devices, because they had unexplainable abnormal system ends all the time.

Is there a refund, in case the app doesn't work?
The contract has been made between the customer and his respective AppStore(Playstore). We are hence in no position to provide refunds. 

Why does the voice response not work with Android?
At first, switch off the announcement for street names within the (general)configuration. If voice response then happens to function, the Text2Speech-Engine of your device might be the reason. As an alternative for testing purposes, our developers are suggesting the Text2Speech Engine “IVONA”.

V-Navi doesn’t work any longer, after it has been updated. What can I do?
It might be helpful to completely uninstall the V-Navi-app, starting your smartphone anew and lastly, reinstalling the app from your AppStore. Already purchased products such as the map packages can be restored within the InApp-store. In case of further problems, please contact our support: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How do I regain my already purchased data after a reinstallation?
Amongst iOS, you can choose the respective product in your InApp-store. It won’t be asked to pay again. Just go to the item “InApp-purchases “, to restore your already purchased products. If you use Android, a window with the information “other uses” will appear. The following notification of V-Navi being stopped is to be confirmed with “OK”. After that, selecting the installed countries will be possible again.

Why does Kaspersky report a Trojan?
We have already contacted, in order to remove this false report. Since our App had so many PlayStore users for years already, we also were quite surprised that Kaspesky would spread a false Trojan-warning after an update.

Error messages


This error message indicates, that one or several data files are missing. Please approach our customer support: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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