Location Content


Fuel stations and realtime prices for alle sorts of loading stations including connectivity information and operator data

Pinpointing and measuring construction sites and roadblocks etc.

Parkings spaces for cars on the street, occupance prognosis

Car park and their current occupancy

Traffic analysis (floating car data)

Trademarks/Trade chains

Locations of trade chains

Insurances / Financial institutions / Do-it-yourself stores and many more

Purchasing power data on household level


Cash withdrawel machines (ATM) (all sites)

Branch banks with opening times

Cash service supply of retail stores


Medics, dental medics including areas of specialization, additional skills

Clinics including departments, number of beds etc.

Pharmacy locations and daily emergency medical services

Retirement homes, various health companies and suppliers / services

Pharmaceutical databases with information about pharmacological interaction

Family and education

Schools, educational facilities including structure of age classes

Operators for porfessional training / development

Play grounds for children including specific setting / playing tools

Tourism and leisure time

Places of interest

Cinemas and daily movie programme including trailers , ticketing etc.

Events (sports, concerts, festivals, theatre etc.)

Recreation and theme parks, zoo / zoological gardens


Floating Car Data (movement profiling for more then 4 million vehicles), cars and trucks

Data for buildings / Real estate (approx. 50 Million buildings) including heigth, age and facilities

Wind turbine field book data

Insurance companies, banking offices, do-it-yourself markets and many more

Purchasing power data on household level


Weather forecast precisely according to postal code

Weather forecast including implications on health (e.g. blood pressure , allergies, headache and many more)

Allergy-weather forecast (pollen allergy, grass pollen, ultraviolet light etc.)


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