Movement Data

Analysis of movement profiles on selected areas or tracks and around your facilities. We deliver extensive movement data of cars and trucks with specifics like speed, direction, time stamp, target group and many more. According to your goal we can tap different sources.

Floating Car Data (FCD)

  • Movement data from cars and trucks according to unique tracking points (using apps, navigation PND´s, onboard units etc.)

  • Currently more than 400 million unique tracking points each day in Germany. Especially relevant for the project are points along the highways

  • Reporting speed, direction (degrees), time stamp (to the split second), geographical coordinates.

  • Analyzing of traffic density in complete regions

  • If required available: residential geometry

    hotspot analyse
    Hotspotanalysis Langenfeld

    Parkspace search traffic Cologne

  • Differentiation between trucks including busses and cars

  • Analysis of velocity on parts of the tracks per time segment

  • The data build the basis for further analysis about reference data (temperature, rainfall etc.)



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